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Started by Keri Lyn , author of Blog | She Saved 4/19/2012 10:30:10 AM

Like every mom there, I was on the edge of my seat at the church Christmas program that year... my son, then 4, was playing the part of the donkey (in my eyes, the biggest part in the program, of course) I had my camera ready and the lump in my throat was already doing it's "mom thing" ...swelling with pride. It was a packed service, so I had crawled (literally) up to the front row so that I good get some great shots of my favorite little ... donkey.

The program was sweet ... Mary and Joseph carried in baby Jesus, the angels sang, the wise men brought gifts and everyone gathered around in the unorganized fashion that only a preschool crowd can do. So sweet.

And right in the middle of Silent Night ... I see this little body scurry up onto the stage, and all of a sudden, I realize that it is my two year old, who apparently escaped the watchful (or not) eye of my husband. My first instinct was to call her back, but then the "wanna be photographer" in me decided to see where this was going. She walked right up to the manger and picked up that sweet little baby and just held him. I was crying mom tears and hoping that no one was bothered by the little disruption. The program was over and people clapped and scurried out.

I was getting my little donkey out of his costume when an elderly man in a wheel chair scooted himself over to me. He said "I almost didn't come tonight ... but your little girl, just made my Christmas" (yes, crying as I write this... ) And that, is my unexpected, everyday moment. And what I love about it ... is that it turned into an unexpected moment for someone else as well.

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Reply by connie

4/30/2012 10:01:30 PM
My daughter giving me 5 wonderful grandchildren! connie danielson (

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