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Started by Flamingo , author of 5/17/2010 4:22:13 PM

I just turned off comments on my blog!  I'm thinking this is totally a God inspired idea because I've thought of it in the past and dismissed it.  Just today it flew into my head and I thought "why not".  I get to socialize online enough as it is. 

I just find my own worthiness go up and down based on comments.  Plus, in the past I fell into the trap of commenting on others blogs just so they would comment back.

I HATE doing that.  I don't want people commenting on my blog out of obligation.  If something is really important to them to share with me, the Lord  will encourage them to email me. 

So, I'm trying it for now.  I'm doing this for at least 1 month and will go from there.  I'm not trying to grow my current blog.  If I start another one I will have to leave the comments on.

Ok...I'm rambling:)  So has anyone else ever done this or ever thought of doing this?

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Reply by Melissa

author of Multi-Tasking Mama 5/18/2010 4:54:06 PM

I love to leave encouraging comments so I get sad sometimes when I can't leave a comment as a reader.


As a blogger I completely understand and have considered it many times.  Ultimately I stopped looking at my stats and removed the pressure from myself to comment on other blogs- now I comment because I am compelled not out of obligation.

Be sure to update us and let us know how it goes!


Reply by Rachel

author of finding joy 5/19/2010 7:40:57 AM
There is this one blog that I love to read and the comments are turned off.  In some ways, I think the words of comments would distract from the beauty of this bloggers post.  I'd love to just tell her how much I valued her posts!...and on the same hand I see the beauty in having them off.
Please do let us know how it goes.  I'm intrigued.

Hmm- I almost feel conflicted by leaving a comment here about it.

(commenting about a no comment blog- hehehe)

I always like to comment- especially if it can be an encouraging word.

I rarely race through content just to commet.  Half the time I erase my comments and just move on anyways because I feel that what I have to say maybe isn't really needed anyways. 

Keep us posed- I hope that you don't go through any comment withdrawal!  :) hehe.


Reply by Flamingo

author of 5/22/2010 9:53:49 PM

Thanks everyone for their discussion on this.  It has been freeing in a way because there is no point in checking my email every hour because there are no more comments!  lol  Of course, you do wonder how people took what you said when you have no feedback.

The pathetic thing is that I haven't blogged at all this week. However, the no comment thing is not making me feel obligated to blog all of the time anymore.

I will post about it as time goes on:)

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