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How Often Do You Replace Pillows?

Started by Connie , author of Smockity Frocks 4/27/2010 10:53:28 PM

Am I the only one who wonders how to keep pillows fresh and fluffy without buying new ones every few months?

I love how a new pillow feels, but after a couple of months, the cheap ones, and let's face it, those are the ones we buy, begin to have the comfort, fluff and form of a styrofoam plate. Plus, after a while they begin to smell like sweaty hair.

If I wash them, the filling gets all bunchy and they are never the same after that.

Recently, I bought some vinyl pillow protectors which I thought would solve the sweaty hair smell, and it very well might, but now if feels like sleeping on a bag of potato chips. Every time I roll over, it crinkles and crunches. Not exactly restful.

So, what do y'all do to keep your pillows fresh and fluffy?

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Reply by Brenda

author of The Family Revised 4/28/2010 8:49:00 AM

My poor kids. They slept on flat pillows for years. I reasoned it was safer when they were little. Then my mom bought new pillows for our family one Christmas.

I highly recommend that route.

But I wash and dry them every now and then and they never bunch up.



Reply by Tracey

author of Make Room For... 4/28/2010 9:31:49 AM
We were having neck and back problems and couldn't seem to find pillows that were just right.  We finally found feather pillows at Costco ($18 each--when we were usually paying under $5) but they ended our pain and were worth the investment. I fluff them every morning when I make the bed the same way housekeepers in hotels do--punch them from both sides and then punch from opposite corners.  I also use a zippered cotton cover and wash those maybe every third time the sheets get changed.  We have had them for almost 5 years and they are still in great shape.


Reply by JessieLeigh

author of Parenting the Tiniest of Miracles 5/14/2010 2:04:48 PM
Oh my word, I'm not sure when we last replaced pillows... my oldest is only 5 so the kids are still on their first "big kid bed" pillow.  I wash sheets weekly, but I never even think about pillows... that's probably really bad. :(


Reply by Jerri

5/15/2010 9:50:11 PM

Connie,  I put mentholatum or vick's under my nose every night before I go to bed so I don't smell anything but that!

I guess you could spray them with febreeze or stick a pomander under the case but I really like the mentholatum.



Reply by LaDonna

author of Just Our Thoughts 5/16/2010 8:27:27 PM
Hmm, as needed.  The kids get the old ones.  DH gets new ones as he requires.  I don't replace mine; I love it.  It's little foam chunks and is so easy to fluff.


Reply by Mirage

author of *Every~Precious~Joy* 5/16/2010 9:50:41 PM
I wash ours every couple months and fluff them in the dryer. Every other year or so we buy new ones for the master bed, I wash and put our old ones on the kid's beds and then wash and put the kids' old ones on the spare bed. Hey, I'm not running a hotel here! Lol! I'm not having perfectly plump juicy brand new pillows on the spare bed where nobody is using them but once a year. So the guests get freshly washed and fluffed, but not new, pillows. And then I throw out the old ones that were on the guest bed. I suppose I could wash them up again and then use the stuffing for something else, but I use stuffing rarely and I'm a bad enough packrat already without adding ripped open old pillows to my collection of junk. *wink*

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