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Outdoor Rooms?

Started by Lori , author of BlogFrog Blog — 6/30/2010 12:34:18 PM

We're loving the summer here in Boulder Colorado and enjoying it from our front porch. We have a covered front porch - perfect for a little outdoor "room".

So far we have a table and chairs, with cute cushions and I've hung a big mirror on a wall to reflect the light and view and make it feel more roomy.

I'm thinking about adding more seating like a couch or hammock chair, some outdoor lighting and maybe some more plants.

Our 9 year old son loves it - he spends way more time playing out there than in his bedroom or the house 10 to 1. We've even moved his lego bins out there and he has friends over all day playing. We also love eating dinner outside too.

Do you have an 'outdoor room'? What's in it and how do you use it?

ps I found your community via the July 4th Challenge - good luck!

Best, Lori (BlogFrog)

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Reply by Eileen

author of Fresh Cut Fabrics 7/4/2010 3:07:56 PM

Hi Lori,

Yes i love outdoor rooms. On a deck, a porch, or a patio. i like to try to cozy things up and create another room. Down the shore our outdoor deck is one of my favorite places to relax with a mojito and it has an outdoor sofa which even serves as a place to sleep when we have a really lot of people come down like this July 4th weekend. I love it.



Reply by Nicole

author of BugaBoos Creations 7/7/2010 11:49:33 PM

Ohhh I wish my little abode had a nice outdoor space, but it doesn't! I would spend most of my time out there. We bought our house not long ago ( not long is 3 years yikes ) and little by little we are making it our own. A nice relaxing outdoor space is definitely on our list of things to add. We do have a nice size deck off the side but we don't use it. We are on a busier road and when I'm out their I feel like everyone driving by is right there, make sense? I'm odd, I know. It's just weird. I want to build a nice big deck off the back of the house. Love the idea of adding a mirror and bringing some of the indoor items out and making it as homey as the inside. It would definitely be nice to eat outdoors in a space like that more. Sooo relaxing!

How Beautiful Eileen!! What a nice space you have!! I would so enjoy sitting out their with a drink and my laptop or a good book!!!

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