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Can Drinking Orange Juice Brighten Your Day?

Started by CTCSG 6/3/2012 10:40:14 PM


Although many of us drink orange juice for its great taste, new research suggests the potential for an added benefit: a more rejuvenated, carefree and positive outlook.  To bring these new findings to light, Florida Orange Juice recently teamed up with the comic geniuses at Funny or Die to create a humorous video illustrating how orange juice, the American breakfast staple, can help you take on the day.

The new video, "Florida Orange Juice: The Prescription for a Positive Outlook," stars a well-known actress and comedienne discovering the positive benefits of orange juice. In the video, the tired, disheveled actress has a difficult time getting out of bed and dreads the day ahead because “it’s just so early.” Thanks to the positive power of her morning glass of orange juice, she's able to take on her day with energy and enthusiasm.
I hope you enjoy the video!
Crystal (Florida Orange Juice)

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