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What Can I Say? I'm A Post Counter Diva! Live

Started by Joan , author of A Bad Marriage Is Fattening 4/5/2011 9:49:54 PM

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Sooo, I see that Redhead Riter wrote BlogFrog and asked them to please give her back the post counter for her community -- and they did!  And in The Daily Chat Red wrote, "So should I say...Katlupe and Joan...let the games begin!!!"

Now anyone who knows me -- knows that I am a Post Counter Diva!  Just ask Red, Katlupe and Bev.  They'll tell you that I am ruthless when it comes to racking up posts so that I can be the most active member of the community.  I am legendary for staying up all night and talking to myself just to rack up posts.

So my question is this:  Am I the only Post Counter Diva in the Redhead Riter - Witty, Intelligent & Addictive Community? smiley

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