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Tooth Fairy Letters

Started by Carolene , author of Food and Art 4/21/2012 9:08:11 PM

I remember when I was a child loving it when the Tooth Fairy stop by my pillow the night I lost a tooth...

My favorite part was writing to I started writing letters for others...and wow what fun it's been getting all thoses thank you cards... under Tooth Fairy or Toy King for birthday letters..

stop by and take a look...Great for babies 1st tooth...

hope to hear from you...Thanks



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My mother didn't write me letters...just left money LOL


Reply by Carolene

author of Food and Art 4/28/2012 9:28:44 PM

sorry to hear that...I have so much fun writing these letters to children all over the if you know anyone who would like a letter just send them by way...




I love tooth fairy letters. I love when my child has a loose tooth. I start to prepare. I make sure there is a letter from a different fairy with each tooth.  She loves it because she wakes up and get a letter, chocolate, and $5.00. 

Since we move to England, she falls asleep in her bed and then gets out and come in and sleeps all over the bed.  The last letter from the tooth fairy included a p.s. you need to be in your bed all night. I have to see your sweet sleeping face before I can take your tooth up to heaven to turn it into a star. 

She sleeps in her room every night now.  Love the tooth fairy.  Awesome post!

Nice idea! I didn't get letters and I didn't think to leave letters either.  Both of my girls have lost their first tooth already tho.

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