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Evo Conference Blog Post is up!

Started by Erin , author of Improve Your Experience | Facebook 7/20/2012 4:43:08 PM

Our newest Blog Post is up! Check out what we thought of the Evo Conference in Park City, Utah last week! The theme of this conference was changing perspectives (personally and professionally).....Enjoy!


How has your perspective changed over the last year?

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Reply by Kathy

author of BlogFrog Blog — 7/23/2012 5:41:09 PM

This was a great post! Sounds like you learned a ton.

My perspective has changed a lot in this past year...particularly where it comes to blogging consistently and whether or not that's even something I need to be concerned about. I used to feel guilty when I didn't have a new post up every week day, but now I care a lot less. I've decided it's not something I want to lose sleep over. :)

That is a good one Kathy!

My perspective on life in general has changed a lot recently. With all the tragedies having occurred in Colorado this past month or so, the fires, the tragedy in Aurora, etc.  I can't imagine what people are going through...I feel more gratitude for what I have these days than ever before!

In a more professional sense, I have also been wanting to start a blog more than ever before!

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