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How to Run an Online Giveaway or Sweepstakes

Started by Anne , author of BlogFrog Blog — We Turn Blogs Into Communities 4/19/2012 11:31:26 AM

Hello BlogFroggers!

As part of our April 19 Newsletter, we're discussing how to host giveaways and sweepstakes on blogs, Twitter, Facebook and other social platforms. Here's a few tips we've come across along the way:

  • Whenever using a social platform (Twitter, Pinterest, Facebook, BlogFrog) in a sweepstakes or contest , reference the agreement of those terms in your rules.
  • If you're giving away prizes during a Twitter party, you must state the approximate retail value of each prize when you mention it. For example: "Join in for your chance to win a Reading Prize Pack~$50 value #giveaway"
  • Also, if you're awarding Twitter party prizes for answering specific questions, you must tell the participants how long they have to answer. You only have to tweet it once during the Twitter party. For example: "You will have 5 minutes after each question to provide an answer to be eligible to win prizes. #giveaway" 
  • The combination of sharing on Facebook then commenting on a blog post is not a valid giveaway entry. 


What have you learned about online giveaways, sweepstakes and contests? Tell us below and next week, we'll share a blog post with all of your tips! 

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I've been writing my mom blog for 7 years now and in that time giveaways have changed so much. When we started they were simple and I tend to agree with sweepers. No entry should be mandatory other than a simple comment.

Bloggers should also never charge a fee for giveaways entries. I've seen a growing trend in this with mom blogs and am shocked that brands actually allow it.

I recently started using Rafflecopter but found the site was down most of the day yesterday but I love the technology behind it. Still not sure if I'm ready to trust it all the way.


Great tips everyone!

 I've done a few giveaways..I really just kind of stumbled on to being asked to do a couple..I only like to promote and give away something that I really feel good about,  have used, or has an excellent reputation.  So far I've been really lucky.

The one thing I would like to say is that I don't believe that you can have G+ as an entry on rafflecopter.  I believe that Google says no no to that.

So far I haven't done a twitter party with prizes..would love to..just haven't had the opportunity:)

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Kristin said ...
I recently started using Rafflecopter but found the site was down most of the day yesterday but I love the technology behind it. Still not sure if I'm ready to trust it all the way.


Reply by Jennifer

author of Rebel Chick's Journey 4/21/2012 8:16:48 AM

I think it's important to mention who can apply - I run some giveaways and have to always remember to put US only because most of the sponsors I work with will only ship to the US.

Rafflecopter gets another vote for me, I am running an iPad 3 Giveaway contest now and it has 18,000 entries.  As others have mentioned, make sure you clearly state who can enter, if you aren't willing to ship a product Internationally or you have special terms, then you must mention it.


Leverage a Facebook event and invite everyone who can participate, this can drive a big boost.  Other things to help promote contests are giving entries for others sharing/hosting/promoting, this is easily done with Rafflecopter where they can co-host the contest widget giving you more visibility for your contest.  Currently my giveaway is hosted on 40+ blogs.

Thanks for these GREAT resources, Sara!

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Sara at Saving For Someday said ...
Is Your Giveaway Legal?

Thanks for all of your contributions--great tips! As promised, here's the blog post live on the BlogFrog blog: 10 Tips for Running a Giveaway and Sweepstakes


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